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Image Sizes and Optimizing for the Web

Are you confused when it comes to photo/image dpi, kbs, ppi and pixel size?  Do the words Image Optimization mean nothing to you?  You are not alone. Have you uploaded photos to the web to display to family and friends on such sites as Facebook and Flickr to find that it takes forever to upload or the page freezes before the upload finishes? Have you sent emails with image attachments that take  a long time to send.  If so, it is important to know the basics about image sizes for the web.  If you are displaying images on your own […] Continue Reading…

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Best Tools and Tips to Speed Up Blogging

Following up from my last post about tasks to complete before and after publishing a blog post, Post Writing a Blog Post Post, as promised I am going to talk about my favorite tools that you can use to automate or speed up this process: Spelling and Grammar To automatically check your spelling and grammar “After the Deadline” is available as a stand alone plugin for WordPress or as an add-on to the Tiny MCE plugin, as an add on for Firefox and Chrome and as an extension. Keywords and SEO A WordPress SEO plugin is a must have […] Continue Reading…

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Post-Writing a Blog Post Post

Most of the blogs I look after have target markets and there are specific and individual ways that I promote their new content. After being away from regular blogging here, I have had to remind myself of  various essential tasks and promotional methods; that used to come just naturally after I had written a blog post. I wrote them down as a reminder to myself and to share with you: Before publishing the blog post Check spelling and grammar. Look at the post and paragraph length and alter if necessary. Can I make better use of lists to emphasise points […] Continue Reading…

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Making Money Online Research

I have recently been researching the online money making business.  I have always been sceptical of so called get rich schemes and hate those never ending one page, badly designed, garish, splash pages for MLM, PPC and worthless digital products. I wanted to look past these to see if there was anything worthwhile. After days of research, to my surprise, I found a couple of programs that took my fancy. I took the plunge and money is slowly but surely starting to come in but more about that another day. I am going to share some of my findings but […] Continue Reading…

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