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Tools for posting to Twitter and Facebook

I am all for making life easier by making  tedious tasks  as least time consuming as possible. I find tedium hard to cope with. I have always thought ironing outmoded and, despite liking cotton and natural fibres, now buy clothes that do not need the iron. Hopefully my carbon footprint remains steady; cost of manufacture of synthetic fibres versus electricity for the iron. I class posting numerous links to Twitter and Facebook a tedious task: copy title, copy link or open another site and minimize the link, paste link, comment, post, repeat. Here is how I make this easier: Make […] Continue Reading…

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Facebook has taken over

As I have not had time to post about what is happening in the world of blogging and social networking or report on my own web building research and activities, I have not blogged at all. Facebook and Twitter have become my way of communicating in my online world. As I miss the social networking that blogging brings I have decided to keep on blogging but on matters that do not take me hours and hours to research.  It was always my aim to be original and to offer something to my readers that they could not find elsewhere. As […] Continue Reading…

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