Month: April 2009

Sheila and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Bra

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 12:55 pm Wanted For numerous hold ups throughout Australia Sheila – Of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Bra Evidence suggests that Sheila was last seen in the company of a Melbourne blogger, known as Sueblimely but that she is now on the road again. Mug Shots of Sheila Profile Sheila is large, fushia pink, well padded and covered with embellishments marking her allegiance to the Sisterhood of the Travelling Bra. She is considered supportive by all who meet her. Some have even called her Lovable. Unless she is exposing herself for her cause on Flickr, she is an expert at covering herself up and is unlikely to show her presence in public. She is most likely to be found among the sort of people, usually women, who like to hang around in bras. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Bra is the creation of All for Women; a community site for “all kinds of every day Women to get together and chat, make friends, and get support and advice on all stages of life.Sheila has been travelling all around Australia” The reports of Sheila’s whereabouts are quite right, she has been visiting me in Melbourne. Sheila in Melbourne – Source Flickr – poetic licence by Photoshop She was a little shy at first, tentatively peeping around the front door when she first entered. Once...

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Best Color Tools For Your Blog

Last updated July 10th, 2015 at 09:20 amDo you come across web and blog templates or themes that are ideal layout wise but the colors do not suit you or your site’s purpose. These are relatively easy to change via a templates CSS style sheet but you may need some help choosing the correct color combinations. There are numerous free online tools to help in your decision, so many that it can take time just choosing which tool to choose. Rather than creating a long list of what is available I have chosen a selection of a variety of the more comprehensive but easy to use free tools: Mimicry is the highest form of flattery If you are short on ideas, or are just unsure what other colors you can add to those you already like, browsing other websites can be useful but time consuming. Screenalicious, which showcases websites, also displays the color palettes off each featured site, along with the corresponding hexadecimal numbers. If you have seen a website whose colors you like but are having trouble reproducing them I Like Your Colors will tell you exactly what they are. Simply type in the site URL and you will be given a graphical representation of the colors and their numbers. Here are the results from the Mashable site: The Firefox Addin Colorzilla not only provides an eye dropper...

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Evolution Of A Blog

Last updated September 24th, 2015 at 05:58 pmIs it a matter of survival of the fittest or the survival of those more adaptable to their environment that leads to the success or continuing success of a blog? Does posting daily or every other day count more than writing less regular more indepth and original content? I have always used the latter reasoning, not wanting to churn out content that is written about in numerous other blogs. That would be simple to do considering content that I could regurgitate from multitudes of blogs that write about blogging. Would anyone read it? A few loyal readers maybe but, being a lone blogger, I do not have a chance of providing the same amount of content as those with multiple authors. These I consider the fittest blogs. They can even regularly repeat content, albeit it in different words, because of the constant stream of new bloggers that come their way. They also have access to information on what is new because they are told about it. They can break the news to the world; others just repeat it second hand. Unless you are a personal blogger with a loyal following, less well known bloggers need to be able to adapt to survive and succeed. This blog is at the need to adapt stage and I am pondering where to go with it....

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