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Don’t be Confickers Fool on April 1st

Make sure you check your PC for the Conficker C worm and remove it before April 1st. If your PC is infected by the Conficker C worm, April 1st is thought to be the day it is going to go off and do unknown mischief. What this may be is anyone’s guess but the worm has the capability of running any code on infected computers. Rather than an attempt to bring down the internet, as some are predicting, the most likely explanation seems to be that its purpose is to distribute spam or other malware. Vista machines and other Windows […] Continue Reading…

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Best Thunderbird Addins To Save Time

Image: by mybloodyself My previous post on Thunderbird covered methods to organize and keep up with your emails. This post will show you extra techniques to use, to speed up the process further, by using a small selection of Thunderbird addins. QuickFolders (Folder Tabs) This is a real time saver for storing your emails if you have a lot of Thunderbird folders. Dragging your most used folders to the QuickFolders toolbar creates shortcut tabs to them. When you want to move emails to these folders, instead of having to search among the sidebar folder tree, you now just drag […] Continue Reading…

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