Month: February 2009

Downloading Videos and Video Players

Last updated May 7th, 2016 at 05:57 amDownloading videos from YouTube*, Google Videos, Facebook and other popular video sites requires the use of downloader programs, browser addons or online video tools. Some downloaded video file formats may not play in your preferred video player. This article is intended to help you through the maze of options so that you can easily download videos for personal use. You can then view them later without connecting to the internet. Video Downloaders There are many downloaders available in various forms. Some offer more features than just downloading. Here is a selection of the most popular for you to choose from. Downloaders for YouTube YoutubeMP3 YoutubeMP3 is a free online YouTube MP3 converter. It allows you to easily download audio from your favorite YouTube video’s with ease. You can convert the audio into several output formats including: mp3, webm, mp4, aac, m4a, f4v and 3gp. Just paste the URL of the video you’d like to convert into the text box on the hompage, select your output format and hit the convert button. N KeepVid KeepVid is a browser Toolbar button for downloading YouTube FLV files. KeepHD KeepHD is an online utility that downloads YouTube videos in a choice of formats: FLV, 3gp Mobile Download, MP4 and if available HD ( High Definition 720p) How to Use: On the KeepHD site enter the URL...

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Managing Thunderbird Email Overload

Last updated September 24th, 2015 at 05:57 pmI admit that I am powerless over my email, Thunderbird has become unmanageable. Image: by uzvards If you can relate to this do not despair but spend some time, to save some time in the long run. Although most of the following applies to my email program of choice, Thunderbird, some can be adapted to other programs. If you use online email applications consider importing and reading them from Thunderbird to take advantage of its more extensive features. I recently had to take more steps to organize my own emails so as not to miss those that I need to read straight away. It took a little time but has been worthwhile. I am keeping up with and actioning the more important messages, the rest are tucked away for reading if and when I have the time. Here are the steps I took. If your inboxes are full now, click on the top of the “Organize by Subject” or “Organize by Sender” columns and concentrate on senders that send multiple emails. The others can be done bit by bit as they come in. It is not worth spending time searching for or trying to remember them at this stage. Unsubscribe from emails that you do not read and have no need to refer to in the future. Then delete those that already...

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Social Bookmarking v Social Bookmarking Rating

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 05:51 amAdvantages of Using Online Bookmarking Bookmarking services such as delicious came along very early before the surge of services of the social media revolution. They could now even be considered the start of it, although at the beginning bookmarking was probably considered more of an online service than a sharing activity. The popularity of social bookmarking rating sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon and Reddit left ordinary bookmarking in the shadow. However interesting, popular and up to date the content on the rating sites may be, they are not as useful for reference or research purposes as the bookmarking sites. I see two three main reasons for this. Because our digging and stumbling is “social” we add sites that our friends favor or those that we want to get noticed, for ourselves or for others. What reaches the top is often more about how many contacts the originator of the bookmark has rather than the quality of the content. I will digg and stumble all sorts of topics which, although they may interest me, I will never look for again. I regularly refer to my diigo bookmarks. Secondly, despite the availability of tagging, tags are either not totally relevant to the content, or they are tagged inappropriately, on rating sites. Digg’s range of categories reflect its News and Video purpose but not...

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Victorian Bushfires

Last updated May 15th, 2015 at 02:10 pmVictoria, my home state in Australia, is in the midst of its worst bushfires on record with 21 fires still burning. Temperatures cooled this week, after last week’s record high of 46.4C in Melbourne, but there is more hot weather ahead.. The death toll currently stands at 181 with more expected. Thousands are homeless and some towns and villages no longer exist; people who worked there jobless. Photo: on Flickr What is heartening, in the midst of the tragedy, is the way individuals, groups and organizations have been so generously donating their money, time and efforts to help out those who have lost their homes and possessions and livelihoods:. Sitepoint is offering five of its books for the price of one until the end of today – if you have a hankering to learn about web design, CSS, PHP, javascript or flipping websites for profit then you will find something to your liking among their selection. All proceeds are to go to victims of the bushfire appeal. So far they have raised $75,000 (the message of their donation spread quickly around twitter). and are now aiming for $100,000. Here are but a few other examples of how others are helping out: The supermarket group Coles has pledged to donate all of Friday‚Äôs profits – I am going to do a big...

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Rescue Me Rescue Time

Last updated May 18th, 2013 at 06:16 amMy computer activities have been monitored for the last few weeks, not by some keylogging stalker but by Rescue Time, with my full permission. I was drawn to use this time tracking application by their home page claim “Clobber procrastination with Goals & Alerts and watch your efficiency grow.” The jury is still out as to whether procrastination is my problem or a need to explore what is new coupled with being involved with too many online activities,. Whatever the reason, I certainly need to improve efficiency. Rescue time takes the form of a downloadable program which sends data on your computer usage. Data is analyzed and available via your online account. Customization allows you to categorize and tag the information to suit your needs.. I am impressed with depth of information it is possible to generate, although the time required to produce such minute detail for myself may end up being counterproductive, because of the nature of my use. Categories are automatically added for recognized applications and major sites, Although categorization of applications is thorough, I visit a great number of sites that I either need to manually add categories to or reclassify to suit my needs. Being a web developer and blogger the automatic category News/Blog, for example, covers work, blogging and personal use. I need to split this up...

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