Month: January 2009

CMF Ads – Make Money Promote Your Site

Move over Entrecard, make way for CMF Ads (Changing Marketing Forever) and make money at the same time as promoting your blog. Not only can you earn credits on CMF Ads by advertising on your blog, and use these credits to advertise on other blogs, you can buy and sell credits from CMF too: a credit costs $0.25. Member blogs are manually checked to ensure quality. How does CMF Ads work? You can see the CMF Ad slots in my sidebar – there are various combinations to choose from, ranging from one Ad spot to a 4 in one block. The Ad widget runs in iframes so as not to slow your page load time. You set your own price for the cost of advertising on your own site; so there is no being priced out of the market, as with Entrecard. You can change your price to suit your current situation. Ads, which last for a month, are rotating so you can accept multiple ads at a time. I currently have 5 ads running between the two ad spots, at a cost of 3 credits each. If you have more than one blog then you can manage these all from the one account. Dropping in on other sites is not necessary as you get to know other members through the CMF forums. These have proved to be very...

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Guide to Google Friend Connect

Last updated July 11th, 2015 at 04:06 am Google Friend Connect is my latest social networking trial – partly because other blog community sites have not been too successful in bringing readers here lately and because, as usual, I cannot resist checking out something new. Although released for trial in May last year, the beta version is now available to all. When I first started writing this article I was the lone friend of my site. As you can see by the member icons in the Friend Connect member gadget, at the top of my sidebar, this has now changed. Initial enthusiasm for new social networking activities means members spend more time participating and adding contacts. This initial enthusiasm tends to fizzle out either because the network is not successful or it is successful and you get lost in the crowd. Benefits "You will bring viral social growth to your website. Visitors can evangelize for your site by inviting their friends and publishing their activities to their social networks. Social gadgets will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other." That was taken from the Friend Connect site but, ignoring the hype, why should you join yet another social networking community when you are likely bogged down in them already? For me the answer lies in its differences rather than similarities: Why is Friend...

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Which Social Networks Bring the Most Readers?

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 12:55 pm Google Analytics and AweStats are the programs I use when I want to look in detail at my website statistics. Woopra gives me a regular quickly accessed overview of blog stats as the program comes on my PC start up. The start of the new year seemed a good time to do some analysis on my stats and my blogging methods. I came out with some very useful information including some surprises. Hopefully this analysis will be of some use to you too, as an indication of areas that are worth concentrating efforts on. I am a member of a lot of Social Networking sites, although my degree of participation varies a great deal. It tends to be based on which sites I enjoy, especially the social aspects, although these are also communities where readers are more likely to result. I know that I could be much more systematic and organized in how I expend my efforts online, rather than fluttering from place to place without prior planning or without following the planning. There are just too many sites to be successful as an online social butterfly – the wings are just not large enough, being a social Albatross would be preferable. I know the theory behind SEO and increasing visitors but tend to lack in the implementation of it. Being...

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10 Reasons For Making More Money Blogging

The amount of money being made by blogging is is increasing according to the analysis I made of ProBlogger’s survey figures in yesterday’s post. Did Bloggers Make More Money in 2008? Why could this be? We are getting more knowledgeable about making money online, thanks to bloggers such as Darren Rowse and others, plus various new training programs and schemes. The huge increase in numbers of those blogging about how to earn money online makes it hard to remain totally ignorant about it. The more commonly ads are seen on blogs the more acceptable they become and yet more bloggers take part. An increase in the amount of ad networks and affiliate programs targeting bloggers? Bloggers plugging these affiliate programs on their blogs and via other networks to earn money from signing up others. An increase in social networking among bloggers, who learn about money making methods from others? More advanced blogging software that allows for easier additions of ads through widgets. Knowing there is money to be made by blogging has attracted more of those who enter into it for this reason alone. and more businesses are starting blogs to plug their own products. Buying online is more accepted overall. With the increase in online stores, auctions sites such as ebay and retail outlets with online buying it has become very normal to purchase online. We are less...

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Did Bloggers Make More Money in 2008?

Problogger has released the results of its 2008 survey on how much money bloggers make. It makes interesting viewing. Although figures were also shown for 2006 and 2007, I wanted a clearer picture of how the 3 years compared; not only to work out if there were any increases but to compare like with like – i.e. comparing those likely to answer surveys via ProBlogger from one year to the next.. The results of my comparisons can be seen below and represent the amounts earned by the survey participants in October 2006, 2007 and 2008 expressed as a percentage of the total participating. The figures do not include those who make no money from blogging. How much money bloggers made October 2006-2008 Chart 1 The charts below gives a clearer, simpler picture. How much money bloggers made October 2006-2008 Chart 2 How much money bloggers made October 2006-2008 Chart 3 No surprise is that the majority of bloggers earn under $10 a month, although I suspect this is from lack of real effort and the use of Adsense only. Adsense is well known, easy to set up and the option to include it is even inbuilt into Blogger blogspot. Making money is likely not a main priority for these bloggers. What surprised me was that 408 respondents (10%) earned over $15,000 in 2008, up from 7% in 2006. This...

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Happy New Year to all my Blog Readers

Did you know that you can send YouTube videos as Greetings Cards? Either choose from one of the videos suggested (mostly New Year ones at present) or browse and choose another. Add your choice of background and your greeting and recipient’s email address and  they will receive an email advising them that there is a card for them to...

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