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Becoming part of the Australian Nuffnang Ad Network Glitterati

I have succumbed to curiosity and temptation to become a Nuffnanger. I don’t think I need explain Nuffnang – the rather large ad in my sidebar says it all. Blogging Sueblimely has become monetized; at least until I come to the conclusion that I am not making any money from it or the size of the ad block is too intrusive for me to stand any longer. You may be wondering why I have Nuffnanged after I have so far resisted urges to join other ad networks; this blog has not previously been blemished, (or should that be embellished) by […] Continue Reading…

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Blogging Benefits – Diversifying

My lack of regular posting recently has not been due to any lack of motivation or ideas, rather a lack of time. Part of the reason for this is a consequence of blogging itself which has led on to other activities. Even the social networking aspects have had to take a back seat lately. I concentrate on Stumbleupon as a voting site, diigo for my bookmarking and belong to a few active Ning groups and forums. Digg has taken the back seat. I never really did enjoy using it so never put in the time necessary to make it work […] Continue Reading…

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