Month: November 2008

Becoming part of the Australian Nuffnang Ad Network Glitterati

Last updated May 18th, 2013 at 07:06 am I have succumbed to curiosity and temptation to become a Nuffnanger. I don’t think I need explain Nuffnang – the rather large ad in my sidebar says it all. Blogging Sueblimely has become monetized; at least until I come to the conclusion that I am not making any money from it or the size of the ad block is too intrusive for me to stand any longer. You may be wondering why I have Nuffnanged after I have so far resisted urges to join other ad networks; this blog has not previously been blemished, (or should that be embellished) by even the tiniest adsense block. So am I – if anyone has any idea I would be pleased if you let me know 🙂 Maybe the name Nuffnag appeals to me or the fact that it is the first all Australian ad network I have come across or maybe that ad content is meant to be matched to a blog’s content and readers – all three of these combined perhaps. I have never been keen on advertising products or services that either have nothing to do with what I write about or would be of little interest to readers. Then again it is probably pure avarice – I want the money, as the lure of visiting family in England again is...

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Blogging Benefits – Diversifying

My lack of regular posting recently has not been due to any lack of motivation or ideas, rather a lack of time. Part of the reason for this is a consequence of blogging itself which has led on to other activities. Even the social networking aspects have had to take a back seat lately. I concentrate on Stumbleupon as a voting site, diigo for my bookmarking and belong to a few active Ning groups and forums. Digg has taken the back seat. I never really did enjoy using it so never put in the time necessary to make it work for me. One aspect I have regretted having to neglect is visiting and commenting on blogs I enjoy. This blog has become my base in the online world, a world that has expanded greatly in the time it has been running. Membership of social networking sites aside, running and moderating forums, developing and customizing WordPress themes, starting up and running blogs for business and non profit sites and an increase in my website building jobs have been the main consequences of being a relatively long term blogger. I look forward to expanding my involvement even further; making money from blogging itself is on my agenda too although this has been in the ideas and planning stage for quite a while now and I have yet to take more than...

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