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Advantages of Receiving Blog Comments

When I read about ways to reward those who comment on blogs I always enthusiastically try them out. I see comments as the life blood of a blog, providing a distribution system for so many other aspects of blogging. Their are plenty of blog posts around about the benefits of leaving comments but what of the benefits we gain by receiving them? Benefits of receiving comments: Communication Needs Comments are a concrete way of showing that your blog has readers, particularly interested in your blog, rather than just passing trade. The passing trade do comment too but you can distinguish […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News Sept 27th

Reading Your turn – if you have written or have read something that may interest readers here or come across a new site worth a look at let me know; by leaving a comment here or via my contact page. (The lattermay be best if it is your own post so that others do not perceive it as beingspammy) I will only publish comments that include links if the links are relevant and useful. (covering myself herein case I get spam!).If you are a regular reader you will know I try to feature posts from some of the lesser known […] Continue Reading…

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Productivity Tips – Downloads

If, like me, you download themes or templates for future reference or while deciding on a theme for a new blog or planned update, keeping track of them can be difficult. I always create a separate folder for each theme I download and make sure there is an image of the theme in there too. It is a quick easy reminder of what the theme looks like. Rather than using the little thumbnail images that are often included in a theme I save a copy of an image from the download site or do a screenshot of a demo page. […] Continue Reading…

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The WordPress CMS Site is Launched

The website that has been taking up my time and my passion, to the extent that I have not been posting here as often as I would like, is launched. The Fragile X Association of Australia now has an interactive site built around WordPress. From posts I have written before, you may know that I have a son with the condition and, at the time he was diagnosed. little was known about it – despite Fragile X Syndrome being the most common form of inherited intellectual disability and the own known genetic cause of Autism. I have since been on […] Continue Reading…

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Bloggers can have a powerful voice

megaphone bloggers shout out

I have had to return from my self imposed (need to get a website finished) blogging exile to let you know about Ivy and show how bloggers when they join together in one voice can have a powerful effect. Today has been an emotional day for me. The relief of having found out that my son has been accepted into our first choice of adult day centre for next year was great. I was over the moon. He has a disability and I was so concerned about his future in an adult world, post school. Tonight I read about Ivy, […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News Sept 3

Apologies if you have been visiting here in the last week looking for new posts. A website I am working on has been taking up a fair bit of time. The site is powered by WordPress but I have had to create a theme with quite a few tweaks to turn it into a CMS system that does what I want it to do. It has been a good learning experience and I am now getting my head around PHP – the simpler WordPress sort at least. However much I have enjoyed this, it has not stopped me getting regularly […] Continue Reading…

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