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Lijit Blog Search Tool – Review and Tutorial

.Lijit is a search tool that offers a lot more features than the run of the mill default blog searches. I have just installed the Lijit Widget (Wijit) in my sidebar. Automatic installation is available for Blogger and Typepad via the widget setup and there is a brand new Lijit WordPress plugin that gives you the option of using Lijit as a stand alone search or incorporating it into the default WordPress search widget. Features Optional addition of some or all of your bookmarking, social networking and photo sites to Lijit will allow search of not only your blog posts […] Continue Reading…

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What is a Scoutle Scout?

My Scoutle scout is busy strolling round blogs that match my interest areas. You can see her in action in my footer. She is meeting up with other scouts who share my interests. Hopefully their creators will then come and visit my blog, be fascinated with its content, subscribe, comment regularly and become blogging contacts – time will tell. Scoutle considers itself to be “Automated Social Networking” where there is no need for communication in order to connect and no real life obligations. I think they must be talking only about the initial method of connection here as, once you […] Continue Reading…

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Online Image Generator Tools

As I was preparing my recent posts on images I came across image generator tools you may find a place for in some of your less serious posts. Yearbook Yourself Its amazing how much I look like my mother once I add a 1960’s look. Wigflip A range of generators including: Superstickies Easy Street – street sign generator Say What – add speech bubbles to an uploaded photo roflbot Add text to an image -create lolcat or lolband type images Dumpr Another site with multiple generators. e.g. Rubics Cube Generator – upload an image and turn it into a rubics […] Continue Reading…

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Search for Free Images

How do you go about finding free images for your website or blog? I recently talked about the best sites for good free images but you may prefer to do a general search rather than looking within one particular site. This way you are likely to have a wider range of images to choose from.Some of the free stock image sites are aligned to non free sites and the free images may not be distinguished from the paid. It is frustrating to find an image you like on a free site to discover that it is from the paying site. […] Continue Reading…

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The Thirty Day Challenge Begins

You have likely heard of Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge, as it is now in its third year, but if you are not in the business of making money from your blog you may not have taken too much notice. I suggest you do consider joining in even if you are not interested in the money making aspects of blogging; because of the resources and tools you will learn about which are useful to all bloggers. Over 30 days Ed presents a series of video tutorials (with transcripts) with the aim of showing how to make money from blogging. Easy […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News 1st August

Reading – a mashup that puts all the best rated sites of today on one page. Includes BBC Today in History, del.icious, Digg, Fark, Google MP3 Search, Google News, Lifehacker, Reddit, Stumbleupon, YouTube, WikiHow. An archive page links to previous days listings all the way back to the beginning of 2007. I discovered it because my Best Stock Image Sites post appeared on the site – Yeah. Similar sites – POPURLS and THEWEBLIST NxE’s Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers Firefox Privacy Protection Jason Calacanis Retires From Blogging, Listen Up Bloggers – This Means Something I did not put this […] Continue Reading…

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