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Injader – A focused project

Upadate October 2014 Injader is now a CMS system for technical users. Since writing this post in 2008, Injader has been recreated and what was written no longer applies. You can find out more on Continue Reading…

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Who Is John Cow? Identity Revealed

The true identity(ies) of John Cow have been revealed . I am not sure why this was of so much interest to me. Perhaps it is because I was keen to know the past experience of those involved in managing to continue/rejuvenate the success of after they took over from the original John Cow, Bob Jones. I am not surprised to learn that there is considerable experience between the three men who play the cow (not in the pantomine sense) : the front end of the cow is Jason Katzenback (i.e. the voice of John Cow for the past […] Continue Reading…

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Aussie Bloggers Forums – Good Onya

The Aussie Bloggers Forums and blog have been running for over 6 months now and are going from strength to strength. Todays stats are showing 32810 Posts in 2465 Topics by 687 Members! Out of all the ‘extra curricula’ blogging activities I have participated in, being active in these forums has been the most satisfying and rewarding. It is a true community, where I feel right at home. I know I will always get an answer to any questions I may have because of the wide range of experience and knowledge of the members and their friendly, helpful attitude. This […] Continue Reading…

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Fragile X Awareness Day 22nd July 2008

I occasionally divert from the topic of blogging and take advantage of the power of blogging to spread the word about important causes. This one is especially dear to my heart as my third child, a son, is fully affected by Fragile X Syndrome. I am a carrier and had a 50/50 chance of passing carrier status or the full mutation on to each of my children, although I did not know this before he was born. I have not been able to trace any other instances of it in my family although I know my mother was a carrier […] Continue Reading…

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Entrecard Encouraging Comments with SezWho

Entrecard has just joined forces with SezWho. “SezWhat?” you may be saying – I will explain what it is later in the post but firstly want to talk about Entrecard itself and why this partnership may be very useful to bloggers. Entrecard has been a great way of bringing visitors to blogs and creating a means for members to get known but it has fallen short in producing significantly extra comments and expanding individual blog’s reader communities. Entrecard has always had higher aims, with goals of bringing not only traffic but also audiences, readership and community participation. I agree with […] Continue Reading…

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Riding, Fundraising, Blogging in Australia

, Congratulations to Jon Pfeffer and his father Steve on the completion of their mammoth bike ride, starting in Brisbane 4th May and finishing today in Broome. The Journey from east to west Coast Australia was over 5,000km so this is no mean achievement! Training and planning the event began back in October 2006. Jon’s stepbrother-in-law, Nick, joined them for the first 1,000km of the journey. View Larger Map Steve and Jon have been riding to raise awareness for BeyondBlue and and awareness and funds for Plan Australia, which respectively work to fight depression and child poverty. They have been blogging […] Continue Reading…

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Best Sites For Good Free Stock Images

I have spent considerable time researching the best sites to find online free images/stock images, along with their copyright/ Creative Commons licences. Some of these sites will probably already be familiar to you but others new, as they were to me. I hope you find this of use, as it makes the time spent all worthwhile. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. Free Images BurningWell – a repository for public domain (free for any use) images. Donations welcomed – anyone have any Melbourne images they could upload, Melbourne is not represented there at all! Waterlillies – Fiji Flickr Usage: image […] Continue Reading…

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PhotoCrank Your Comments

I have recently been trying out PhotoCrank, a kind of annotation/comment system for web images, and have had some fun browsing blogs that have installed this feature. PhotoCrank allows the addition of word bubbles, graphics, comments and tags to any photo on any website. Those who have installed the browser extension can use the feature on any photo of any website.. In addition to the actual cranks, comments can made relating to those cranks. If you add the Photocrank engine to your blog then any reader can use the feature on the images you have enabled for its use. You […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News 2

As promised here is the second part of my Blogosphere News post following on from Part 1 last week. Social Networking FriendFeed – New Feature – Rooms Share web pages on your FriendFeed using the Share on Friendfeed Toolbar Button 20 Things I Learned Using Twitter– some good tips here on making the most of Twitter and using it efficiently. I am adding this link to my Twitter Beginners post The Art and Science of Retweeting for Twitteraholics– a guest post by AJ Vaynerchuk on BloggingBits. 50 Top Niche Social Media Sites and Their Power Accounts– I should imagine this […] Continue Reading…

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