Month: May 2008

Tweetathon Tonight – Pass It On

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 12:54 pmWhen I received a tweet about a Tweetathon (28th May – 7pm where you live) from Suzie of Abundance Highway I thought it was a perfect way to link my last post Twitter for Beginners with the post I was about to write on making a blog post/event go viral. Instead of this post I am asking that you consider helping Suzie publicize her Tweetathon (and her goal) and to comment here on ways you have successfully made a blog post go viral (or even spread one around just a little bit) In gratitude for your comment I will follow this up with a post talking about the methods you suggest, with a link to your blog or a blog post of your choosing. Suzie has a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and towards this aim she giving out prizes and holding a Tweetathon tonight. I am going to say no more as you can read all about it on Abundance Highway. (my evil plan to get you to visit her site and take part – should I have admitted that I wonder?) Tweetathon and Team World Update The Tweetathon came about in a discussion between Suzie, Liz Strauss and Glenda Watson Hyatt You can read more about this at: Be The Law of Attraction in Action: Join Team World The Prizes...

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Twitter for Beginners

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 06:44 amDouble double, toil and trouble twitzer twhirl twitch and twubble . The language of Shakespeare’s era may be difficult to understand but so is internet speak; the vocabulary of Twitter adding to the frothing cauldron. Where do you begin with Twitter?: As you may know the basic Twitter interface is just that – basic. Type in a short message and press enter. There are some official twitter commands that you can use. For example the @ command before a contacts name addresses a message to that person: From Sueblimely ” @Shakespeare Your rhymes are more revolting than Roald Dahl’s” DHLawrence to Shakespeare – “@Shakespeare When I read Shakespeare I am struck with wonder That such trivial people should muse and thunderIn such a lovely language.” replies from Shakespeare: @Sueblimely I thank you for your voice: thank you: Your most sweet voice. I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. @ DHLawrence Thou surly ill-breeding death-token! Adding “Retweet: @” indicates that you are rebroadcasting a message made by someone else. e.g. Retweet: @Hamlet I am struck with wonder That such trivial people should muse and thunder In such a lovely language. A hashtag (#) before a word is a kind of tag, a word which identifies a topic, place, event etc. #shakesepeare The Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet are showing...

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Announcing Blog Blast For Peace June 4th 2008

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 12:45 pm"Speak with one voice. One subject. One day." I am pleased to join Mimi of Mimi Writes in encouraging bloggers to join in unity with bloggers from all around the world in the 4th Blog Blast For Peace Day, 4th June, 2008. “One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.”James Earl Jones Now is your chance to utter some of those words in your heart. How you can help with this very worthy project. Spread the word with an announcement post of your own. Join in yourself. Visit Mimi’s Blog Blast for Peace Page for full details on taking part and to let her know you are participating. Publish your ‘Peace Post’ on 4th June, 2008. Read and comment on the Blog Blast for Peace entries. Inspiration for the Peace Globe images came from a a small blue marble" created in 1920 by Mimi’s...

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Readair for Google Reader

I was going to just mention Readair in my news roundup post but decided that the screencast by Molly McDonald of Demo Girl was much more eye catching. Readair is a desktop client for Google Reader. I need say no more as I will now leave it to Molly to explain it all. What an easy and lazy post this was. It seems I could not resist saying a little more...

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Blogspot Blogger Beginners

I have restarted posting to a blog I began a couple of years ago, now called Sueblimely Blogspot. I began the blog when the “new” templating system came in, then called ‘Blogger Beta’, to explain its new features and how to use it. As other blogs started covering this in depth I decided to leave it to them and concentrate on this blog. My daughter has just started a blogspot blog so I am now aiming my own blogspot blog at beginner users. If you are a newcomer to blogspot and blogging. or know of someone who is I welcome your questions over there. If any of my regular readers wish to do a guest post on that blog aimed at beginning blogspot users or have written tutorials that I could link to please contact...

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