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Blogosphere News 28th April 08

News Daniel of Blogging Tips has initiated RSS Awareness Day to take place 1st May. The objective – to get as many people as possible talking about RSS and its benefits. Read his blog for More details on how to get involved. If there is a web article that you do not have time to read there and then consider using Instapaper which, via a browser bookmarklet, saves the details for reading later. You could, instead, just leave a multitude of tabs open with the intent of coming back to them, slowing your browser down until it eventually crashes (I […] Continue Reading…

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Most Useful Firefox Addins

As I have had to reinstall my Firefox profiles I took the opportunity to tidy things up a bit and install updated extensions, it is a good opportunity for me to share with you what I find useful for browsing, blogging research and organization. Unless listed as otherwise all of the following are Firefox extensions. For most of the list below I could only point you to the current extension version downloads. This of course may change in the future – so if the extension is out of date for your version of Firefox or no longer exists then do […] Continue Reading…

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Problogger Speed Posting Weekend

Image via Wikipedia News Darren Rowse is holding a Speed Posting weekend on Problogger – It is a long weekend here in Australia because of Friday’s Anzac Day public holiday so I am not certain if the “weekend” is starting Friday or Saturday – it could even be Friday in Australia but Saturday in USA 😕 Darren has gathered 20 questions from his Twitter followers and will be providing a short answer to these and then throwing them open to readers to add their own responses. Sounds like there may be some real communication going on in the comments. As […] Continue Reading…

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SocialVibe for Charity

Sueblimely invites you to SocialVibe Continue Reading…

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Blogger Appreciation Day

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has declared today an unofficial Blogger Appreciation Day with the aim of spreading acts of random kindness and encouragement amongst bloggers. Darren was prompted to start this initiative because of messages he had received from bloggers who were feeling disheartened. I often talk of social networking and its value in bringing us visitors, backlinks and increasing our rankings. Certainly an increase in subscriber count, visitor numbers or pagerank can be encouraging and a boost to the ego but I can get that from the static websites I build. The beauty of blogging for me is being […] Continue Reading…

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Recovering From a Mistaken Reformat

The title may suggest recovering deleted files from a reformatted drive but I am talking about something more personal – emotional trauma and my own recovery from losing files in a hard disk reformat from hell. As a confessed internet addict, who virtually lives online, the news that an error had caused not only my computer’s C drive to be reformatted as planned, but my D drive too, struck horror into this little geeks heart. Did I ever tell you I am only 5′ 2″? D drive was not only my document store but held the backups I had done […] Continue Reading…

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Speed Up Your Firefox Browsing

Reading blogs and other websites, participating in Social Networking Sites, doing research, dropping Entrecards can create an overloaded and disorganized Firefox browser. Here are some ways you can avoid frustration, speed up your browsing and be more organized. Keep one lean clean, mean speedy profile free of addin toolbars, sidebars and multiple extensions for quick browsing.. Use a different profile for visiting other sites and social networking. (I would not recommend using this many toolbars at any one time!) To start Firefox in profile view, where you can choose which profile to load and add new ones: Go to Start […] Continue Reading…

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In Love with diigo Farewell

Diigo is a Bookmarking, Annotation and Social Networking site that has got me all excited. I think I am in love. I first tried Diigo when it came out in 2006 but it did not turn my eye; it was a touch too young and inexperienced then. Diigo 3 was launched 20th March 2008, showing a new maturity. After seeing its attractive new features I have been unfaithful to Delicious, my bookmarking partner of 5 years, and fallen in love with the younger and more versatile diigo. I have always stayed with Delicious, despite its lack of sparkling design and […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News 1st April

News Adobe PhotoShop has released a free online version Adobe PhotoShop Express. It is only available to the US as yet, which peeves me, so all I can tell you is that it is a cut down and simpler to use version of Photoshop. As you are given your own URL I presume you can share your creations with others. Perhaps one of the privileged could let us know if it is any good although Profy thinks so Photoshop Express – An Excellent Web-based Photo Editor Andy Beard has been noticing a trend in his blog and other which leads […] Continue Reading…

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