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Top Australian Bloggers

I am so excited about finding out that I among the Top 100 Australian Blogs and the Top 50 Australian Women’s Blogs that I wanted to share the news with you. Apologies for blowing my own trumpet here but it is my fellow bloggers and blog readers who will understand how much this means. There are a good mix of blogs in this list. Unlike some, it is not dominated by professional bloggers or the “A list”. I regularly read some of the blogs listed and would like to congratulate (in no particular order): Kim at Laketrees Snoskred at Life […] Continue Reading…

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Blogging and Community Building

Colin of Free PC Security has graced me with a Community Blogger Award which means a lot to me. I am a firm believer in the value of blogging for community building. This award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogger community a better one.It also underlines the importance of a blogs readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It’s the people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested. The social networking aspect of blogging has always been there, long before the more recent […] Continue Reading…

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Flock – THE Social Networking browser

As I mentioned yesterday I have discovered another time saving and organization tool ideal for bloggers and this is a doozy. It was enough to set this blogger’s heart all a quiver. The application responsible, the Flock browser, is not new but it’s newly released version has surpassed itself in my expectations. with its new social networking and blogging features. I have been using Flock, almost since its inception, as a secondary browser, often having it and Firefox open at the same time. Flock is built on top of the Firefox application and the only reason I used it as […] Continue Reading…

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How to make the most of blog comments

I have discovered two more ways to make blogging life easier! The first I would like to talk about is co.mments, a method I am using to keep track of comments on blogs with posts of interest and those that I have left a comment on myself. Bloggers who interact with their readers and develop a dialog, by responding to comments, can develop discussions that make a blog come alive. They are creating their own communities. I enjoy reading and participating in these commenting sessions because: they are helping me develop a social/friendship network they often contain valuable information that […] Continue Reading…

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Two Awards are Better than One

My blogging mate and fellow Aussie, Kim, has been kind enough to bestow two awards on me over the last couple of weeks. From poeartica Kim honored me with her very own Southern Cross Award which she gave as a token of friendship to buddies who have regularly visited and commented on poeartica and at laketrees. I think this is a lovely gesture, thank you Kim. Kim also gave me this award for being one of the blogs she relies on for all things technical. I really appreciated this, Kim, and am pleased that I am of some help. As […] Continue Reading…

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8hands is better than 2

I have been trying out the newish social media desktop application, 8hands, for a couple of week or so and give it the thumbs up because it has been saving me time – in some respects at least.* 8hands lets you access your Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter accounts from your desktop. Notification is given of new comments, messages, friend notifications and new videos. You are alerted to these with a pop up message. Notifications are also viewable from friends avatars in the 8hands window. Clicking on messages takes you to the messenger’s profile. An archive of messages is […] Continue Reading…

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Recommended Read Award

Thank you so much to and Zubli and Shinade The Painted Veil for bestowing the above award on me, given to those who “share vital and valuable information at their blogs”. I would like to pass this on to Dad & Mom of 6 Autistic Kids at Autism Bites (with new site in the pipeline at I admire this couple who have a huge challenge with their children and still manage to blog regularly with a very positive attitude and some humor thrown in. Reading this may help us all learn how to develop such an attitude. Awards, Link-Love […] Continue Reading…

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The Meaning of Blogging – digital story

Renny of Renny BA’s Terella has created a delightful video explaining what blogging means to him. He has kindly given me permission to include it here. If you are trying to explain to non bloggers what the appeal of blogging is this would be an excellent video to show them. It would not be a bad thing to review it yourself from time to time, especially if your motivation needs a bit of a boost. A different perspective for those who are blogging for income comes from Darren Rowse in his most recent weekly video, He answers the question from […] Continue Reading…

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Youlicit – Relevant Content for Blog Research

I have been spending some time lately trying out Youlicit, which I can only describe as a kind of cross between a search engine, Stumbleupon and del.icious. The aim is to provide you with relevant content by remembering the type of site/posts you visit and suggesting similar content. So far I have been impressed by the accuracy of the results. Youlicit says that its underlying premise is that of reducing information overload by using collaborative filtering. Anything that can recude overload, to whatever extent, gets a thumbs up in my book. Features Remembering your interest areas and recommending similar sites/posts. […] Continue Reading…

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