Month: September 2007

Award is Totally Fabulous

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 06:11 amMany thanks to Colin of Life for gracing me with this award. I am honored. The award came Colin’s way via His Most Serene Highness Lord Adrian the Perplexed of Melbury Bumpton . (I just had to mention that wonderful name) of First Time Dad fame because of their participation in the Magical Flying Carpet Ride I find it so difficult to decide who to give this award to as it applies to so many people. Therefore I am going to stick a pin in my list of those who have commented regularly on my blog as I value them all. Captain Lifecruiser Lifecruiser Pearl – Fresh Perspectives Franco – eBusiness And Blogging Kuanyin – Who’s Yo Mama and Mihaela Lica aka Mig of The Dog Yard – I did not choose you by sticking a pin in you. No conditions come with this award. I do not need a link back, I do not require you to pass it on if you don’t want to. I do not even ask you to do a post about it or display it on your site.. Please just accept it as thanks for contributing to this blog, being my blogging buddy and providing me with reading enjoyment. This has always been my philosophy when it comes to awards and memes but reading Mig’s latest...

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Page Rank – forget it but still increase traffic

Last updated September 22nd, 2008 at 06:52 amDarren Rowse of Pro Blogger has created a video that highlights the most important and fundamental elements in achieving a high page rank. This has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO), linkbaiting, submitting your blog to directories or social networks but all to do with the quality of your content. Darren believes that people are becoming obsessed with page rank and place too much emphasis on it. If you instead concentrate on creating the quality content Google is looking for then page rank will look after itself. I find it reassuring to be reminded of this. I imagine the Googlebot to be a busy little creature and I much prefer to leave him to do his work, rather than bombarding him with techniques imploring him to come and explore my blog. SEO is one aspect of blogging that I find a little tedious and do not talk about much here. Anyway there are zillions of blogs out there dealing with the subject so I will leave happily that up to them. I will not just rehash what Darren has to say as you can listen to this for yourself – plus he says it so well and it is interesting to see the man and hear the voice behind Pro Blogger; with his wonderful Aussie accent. (he is from...

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More Ways to Make Fellow Bloggers Hate You

Last updated March 29th, 2008 at 09:25 amMihaela Lica at The Dog Yard has tagged me to continue a tongue in cheek thread she has started “10 Ways to Make Your Fellow Bloggers Hate You” . I will not duplicate her list as you may be interested in following the thread via the others she tagged. Starting from number 11: Another 10 Ways to Make your Fellow Bloggers Hate You or to misquote Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.” Place so many ads at the top of your site so as to cause RSI (Repetitive Scrolling Injury) in the readers who are interested in your content. Incorporate dominant ads within your posts and write really short posts. Force your visitors to read your ads; they are more interesting than the post. Having a subscribe to this blog pop up appear when the site loads. Make your page load extremely slowly by filling it with unnecessary widgets and subscription buttons and crash browsers with scripts that do not work. Have very little original content but copy from other sites, blogs and ezine articles. Befriend hundreds of people on social networking platforms such as MyBlogLog and Pownce just to send them links to your blog. Set up numerous sites on Blogger all with little content, Adsense on all, and link them all together. Huge...

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Blog Against Abuse

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 06:11 am I did not know where to begin when being faced with the task of writing about abuse for the BlogCatalog Blog Against Abuse Challenge Sadly this is a massive topic. I decided to emphasize the sheer size of the problems and issues involved relating to Human Rights Violations. Reading this you may think the problems are too massive to solve/they are not in my country/I can’t do anything to help solve this. They are all too easy to brush aside because they are too painful to really think about or day to day matters command our time and attention. I urge you to take some time to think, to read blogs taking part in this challenge and consider in what ways you can make a contribution to help solve the problem. A small donation by all who read the blogs today would add up to a massive amount. For my part if one person donates, or if one person reads something here today that makes them volunteer their time and efforts then it will be worthwhile. Refugees Refugees and displaced people face food and water shortages, poor shelter, landmines, attacks by armed groups and disease. Women and children are particularly at risk of sexual abuse, threats and exploitation. The elderly and disabled face intimidation and neglect. Today, around 40 million people...

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How to make friends and Digg people

Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 06:12 amDigg has launched new features based on social networking and allowing users to establish an identity. Do I hear you say “Not more Social Networking sites to visit”! That was my original reaction and, judging by many of the comments I have read online, many feel the same way. Not being one to be influenced by negative opinions without looking at the other side of the story I gave the matter some thought. Digg Social Networking Before I discuss my own observations here are some of the main new Digg Features: Enhanced User Profiles allowing users to add their personal interests, photos, biographical information, and links if any to their blogs, web pages or social network profiles. History of comments you have made on stories on your profile page. The Friends feature shows the recent the activity of your friends – new Diggs or comments. Shouts. This feature allows you to send quick notes or stories to particular Digg friends or groups of friends. These are posted to their profile pages. Discussion of stories is possible via profile pages; with posts to a message board. You can import your email addresses to find existing users or invite those who are not members. Favorites After you digg an article a favorite icon appears. Clicking the icon will save and lock that story to...

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BlogRush in the Fold

Last updated May 18th, 2013 at 06:58 amWhen I first looked at BlogRush I was reasonably interested in what it had to offer. When I discovered that it involved adding a widget to my page my reaction was “No way am I going to join up, after just culling a host of other widgets from my site.” BlogRush kept appearing in posts I was reading and I succumbed to the temptation. I just had to find out for myself what it was all about, widget and all. What is BlogRush A blog syndication network designed to bring more readers to your blog.. The widget that you are required to put on your site will display headlines coming from the blogs on the network. You can of course see an example of this in my sidebar (if you scroll down) How BlogRush Works Your own post headlines appear on other blogs in proportion to the amount of page views you have had and the number of bloggers you have referred. For example if you have 500 page views a day (I wish) your own headlines will be shown on other member blogs 500 times. If you refer another blog to Blogrush and they get say 500 views per day then your headlines are shown another 500 times. This passes on down the line referrer to referrer for 10 generations –...

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