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Blog Day 2007

This project provided a refreshing and relaxing break for me, as I allowed myself to browse freely rather than concentrate purely on the type of sites I would normally visit for research purposes. It was hard to restrict my list to five sites that interested me but here they are – not in any particular order; The Happiness Project – by Gretchen Rubin, who writes about her quest to be happier by a year of “test-driving every principle, tip, theory, and scientific study” she could find including those of Aristotle, St. Therese,Martin Seligman and Oprah. Tech Burrow by Hisham Hamdan; […] Continue Reading…

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Use of Forums for blogging – Gain Readers & Learn

I am going to talk today about the value for bloggers of actively participating in forums. I can hear you groaning now as you think that there is enough to do, peripheral to your actual blogging, without adding another element to your work load. Do not dismiss the idea out of hand though, remember moderation is the key. If you take time out to work out which blogging promotion tools and resources are the most useful to you and ditch the rest, then adding a forum or two to your ‘to do’ list will not be quite so bad. You […] Continue Reading…

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I Follow with Thanks

I find it really encouraging to have so many comments and I thank all the following for their input and kind words. Renny – RennyBA’s TerellaWidget – Fancy GemsBlogDay 2007Blog against Abuse Kuanyin – Who’s Yo MamaBlogDay 2007Blog against Abuse Sir James Robison – Sir James Robison of Straf-WeishauptWidget -Fancy Gems Apologies to Google Sandy Carlson – Sandy’s Profile PageYouTube – Kiss it Lady Influence – Make Money OnlineWidget -Fancy Gems Sam – (The Blog Formerly Known as) TaosboundGoogle Adsense -Keywords Goldcoaster – goldcoaster Google Adsense -Keywords Colin – Colin Campbell Profile Google Sky – Fully Researched Review Sharon – […] Continue Reading…

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New widget site – Fancy Gems

Bloggers tend to either love ’em or hate ’em but if you are in the first group here is a new site for you. Fancy Gems contains quite a few new unusual fun widgets such as a lava lamp, fancy text and banner generators. Not really having use for more widgets I thought I would give one of the more frivolous items a go, The Secret Message Scratcher. RiddleWhat does man love more than life?Fear more than death or mortal strife?What do the poor have, what the rich require,And what contented men desire?What does the miser spend, the spendthrift save,And […] Continue Reading…

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SSS 15 – Online Shopping

I have diverted away from blogging perhaps too much this week but it is Sunday and now my self allotted time to change hats and write my SSS – Sueblimely’s Silly Sunday post. Today I would like to share with you some of the more unusual items available for purchase online. How about commemorating a pregnancy with a ‘Belly of Love‘ cast kit. I could not help but wonder if the kits are cheaper earlier in a pregnancy? This product amazed me – how clever: Apparently the effect is achieved due to the viscosity of the different colors. Various clan […] Continue Reading…

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Google Adsense – Keywords with no Hex

Thanks to Malkie whose comment on my last post on Google Adsense, led me to his site and the discovery of Adsense keyword finder tools. You saved me some research time, Malkie. Google Keyword Tool Technobloggie Keyword Tool I am going to tell you no more about them as I did not find these tools myself. Instead I will refer you to Malkie’s post: Finding Profitable Keyphrases for Adsense … on his Welcome to Wallyworld site. Some of you may be interested in Malkie’s latest post which includes a video of Wanda Nara. (I thought I would do a little […] Continue Reading…

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Google Sky – Fully Researched Review

After spending quite some considerable time researching Google Sky I have come up with the following erudite and learned opinion: Wow! What pretty pictures Good Fun The above slideshow was created using Slide. Slide provides a very simple and easy method of incorporating slideshows of various styles and image transition types into a blog. Upload your images, choose the style you want and copy and paste the provided code into your blog posts or sidebars. Continue Reading…

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Google Sky – Reach for the Stars

This is totally off topic but I had to share the cause of my excitement. As I came home last night from a delightful evening out, dining with my two sons at a cheap and cheerful local Greek restaurant, my mood was high and the sky was dark and clear. I wished, once more, that I knew more about the stars and constellations in the southern sky above. Imagine how pleased I was to discover that Google Earth now incorporates ‘Sky’ which allows an astronaut’s view of the earth. Not only can you view stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the […] Continue Reading…

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BlogDay 2007

I often find blogs of interest that I would really like to post about but doing so would take me totally off topic. I have also been told that spreading my link love too much, as I have a tendency to do, is likely to take too many readers from my own site. As I do enjoy giving credit where credit is due I thought that taking part in BlogDay 2007 would; given me a wonderful excuse to get round both issues. BlogDay is aimed at bringing bloggers together with bloggers in other countries and other areas of interest. To […] Continue Reading…

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