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SSS 9 – Mainly Soccer

SSS I am sure it must be still Sunday somewhere in the world. One of the reasons I am late with this is that I went to an ‘Idea of North‘ concert last night. They are a very talented Australian A Cappella group. I really enjoy watching them perform live, it makes me appreciate evn more how they can create such wonderful sounds with no backing music. I am unable to embed their video clips but here are a couple of urls to their work: Isn’t She Lovely music clip – The Idea of North This one is a special […] Continue Reading…

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The 10 Question Interview

Colin from Life has tagged me with a 10 Question Interview, each with 5 answers, where I must reveal certain things about myself. The Instructions: Remove the first blog below, and then add your own blog after me. Homespun Honolulu, Who’s Yo Mama, Life in the Fast Lane, Life, Sueblimely Discovering Blogging (that’s me) Answer the following questions, 5 answers to each: What were you doing 10 years ago (5 Things) Probably the busiest time of my life. I am glad it did not last too long at this pace. Being a taxi, ferrying: My daughter to and from high […] Continue Reading…

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HTML beginners – copying source code.

HTML Although blog software does makes it possible to produce your pages without knowing any web coding, there are times when you do need to enter html. If nothing else you are likely to need to enter web links in your posts or sidebar from time to time. If you don’t know any html do not despair! There are ways round it. Any browser will allow you to view the page source,, but finding the particular code may not be easy but, as I like ‘easy’, here are better options if you want to just find out code for part […] Continue Reading…

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Blog Toolbox – MS OneNote

Being an avid blog researcher, who takes copious notes, as well being self-employed with lots of different projects on the go, I need to be organised. Having tried various methods for note taking that were lacking in some way, I am now a firm fan of Microsoft OneNote. This program is built into Microsoft Office (at least since the 2003 version). It sat there for 3 years unnoticed and unloved until my son put me on to it a year ago. I originally used it for my blogging research notes but, having got to know the program better, I now […] Continue Reading…

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Rocking Girl Blogger Award

Many thanks to Deborah of Life in the Fast Lane for giving me my first ever blogging award; the Rocking Girl Blogger It is good to get feedback like this. Favorable statistics and page rank are wonderful of course but awards are much more personal and encouraging. To show my appreciation of other bloggers I am passing this on to: Janine – temporarily at Fragile X Online but soon to be up and running with her own site Natasha of Kitty Art (and The Naked Planet) – I just love Natasha’s artwork Sharon of Ghosts in the Machine – […] Continue Reading…

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You comment – I follow

I took the nofollow tag off my template a while ago, only to find out that this classic version of Blogger I am using will not allow me to remove nofollow from the comments page. Having been keen to add the You Comment I Follow badge I was excited to discover that by using a recent comments widget on this page, the no follow tag was not added. I quickly added my badge only to realize a little later that the links only link to the post/comments page and not to the contributors profile. Sigh. The only ways I can […] Continue Reading…

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Featured Widget –

My Featured Widget, this week is brought to you by courtesy of – Free Content for Webmasters. You can see it in action towards the top of this page’s sidebar. I had trouble deciding which of their features to include – should I be more serious and include word definitions, history, quotes or news or more frivolous and include the Spelling Bee or Hangman or Match Up. I decided on quote of the day as I am a sucker for a quote – good ones are so clever, succinct and meaningful. Widgets, SSS, sueblimely alexa Continue Reading…

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Contact Me

Somewhere along the track I lost my contact button and did not realize it. (If anyone has seen it please send it back to me). I fiddle with this template so much that it was probably overwritten in error. My side-bar now sports a new shiny contact button, based loosely on Stu Nichol’s CSS Play Rocker Switch Menu. Now anyone wishing to contact me may do so by clicking on the button which will take you to a form on the Contactify site. I decided to use Contactify so that my email address would be hidden from those pesky spammers. […] Continue Reading…

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Pownce Invites

I have three Pownce invites to give away to the first three people who contact me by leaving a comment on this post. Pownce membership is by invitation only right now, during its testing period, but I have yet to come across any gliches or problems with it. What is Pownce? Imagine a combination of Twitter/Jaiku with a desktop* based messaging/link/file/event/photo sharing system and you will get a general picture. Yet another social networking tool maybe. but the extra features do make it useful. Messages can be sent to individual contacts, your whole list of contacts, a group of contacts […] Continue Reading…

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