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9952 Google Gadgets

9952 Google Gadgets to add to your website – and counting These are a gadget lovers dream. Don’t worry I am not going to list them all. All Gadgets Categories of Gadgets: News Tools Communication Fun & Games Finance Sports Lifestyle Technology Here is my interpretation of what the categories should be; with a few examples: Useful – Blog Search Engine,Social Networking Search Informative – Wikapedia Search – in case what you write needs further explanation? Blog topic specific – Art of the Day, Stock Making the News Clever – San Francisco Web Cams Funny – Saving these for an […] Continue Reading…

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Website Grader

I have been using Website Grader for a couple of months now for checking statistical data on my web sites. Website Grader is a tool that helps measure the effectiveness of a website, from a marketing perspective. A big plus with the service is that it is very simple to use and simple to set up if you register. I also use Google Analytics and although it gives extremely useful information about your site, it is more complex to set up and use.It does not give you information on your visitors but there are many other services providing that. The […] Continue Reading…

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Blog ratings – Spotback

Spotback provides a tool that allows your readers to interact with your blog by rating your blog posts. There are many such services but this one is different in that you can choose from a variety of widgets and customize them to suit the look of your own blog. Widget Gallery Cut and paste codes are available for Blogger (new and old), WordPress and a generic one for other blog systems. My only concern with this sort of add-in is that commenting is the most valuable form of author/user interaction and they may deter readers from commenting; choosing to rate […] Continue Reading…

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Guest Blogger

What is Guest Blogging? Where blog publishes posts written by someone other than the blog’s author(s). How do you get a guest blogging spot? Through friends Through networking with fellow bloggers and developing contacts – people you develop relationships with by commenting/ content submission/email. This can be difficult especially if you are a new blogger. The new service offered by Guest Blogger can make it possible. Guest Blogger’s aim is to facilitate the connection between those who wish to find guest bloggers and those wishing to be the guest. The service is free and takes the form of a directory […] Continue Reading…

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Sueblimely’s Silly Sunday (SSS) – 4

Things that tickled my fancy: Elgoog, the Google Mirror From the Odd Planet Blog – Tipping The Man From Life in the Fastlane- one of my favorite non-blogging blogs – The next-generation ideal blue collar worker A clever piece of animation: Poor Paris For those of you who have been following the trials and tribulations and trials of Paris Hilton, a tongue in cheek look at her reaction to being incarcerated. Please remember, you are welcome to submit content you think amusing by posting a comment to this post. If you are a blogger yourself, our senses of humor match […] Continue Reading…

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Blog Toolbox 2 – Web Developer Toolbar

If you are a beginner with html and css styling, want to expand existing skills or learn new techniques, the Web Developer Toolbar is a valuable tool. You are able to view and work with the source code of sites that have elements you are interested in, and work with the generated content of xml or database created content. I used it extensively when I was learning web building and still use it regularly for such things as working on the styling of my beta blogger site. Main Features For editing Edit HTML – opens a small window at the […] Continue Reading…

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Symbols in Blog Posts

Following on from my last post on using ‘entities’ in your html to display special characters, here are a few that you may find useful – symbols that you may wish to use but are not on your keyboard: Name Symbol Enter this into html area Copyright symbol (©) &#169 Trademark ® &#174 Half ½ &#189 Quarter ¼ &#188 Three Quarters ¼ &#190 Curly Quotes “ &#8220 Curly Quotes ” &#8221 Bullet • &#8226 Right Arrow ? &#8594 Left Arrow ? &#8592 At @ &#64 Heart ? &#9829 If you look at the heart above, you will see that these […] Continue Reading…

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HTML Tags in post

Thanks to Sherrykins for suggesting I do a post on this subject. If you need to display html tags in your post. e.g: <p>This is a paragraph</p> you have to use special techniques to make them show up. Using textarea A ‘textarea’ element creates a multi-line text element.Here is an example: The following html: <textarea cols=”40″ rows=”1″><a href=”html://”>My Page</a></textarea> Creates the following: Page i.e. You use the normal html coding but enclose it in a textarea. Unlike the normal html coding, where only one space shows up, however many there is in your html, all spaces show up in textareas. […] Continue Reading…

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Feedburner – Tools for Bloggers

FeedBurner is a news feed management service providing custom RSS feeds and tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web publishers. I started using Feedburner to add an additional feed to this blog because of the statistical tools it provides for analyzing your traffic. Since then many additional tools have been added including the ability to embed advertising in your feed; thus earning income from it. Feedburner has recently been acquired by Google. I would recommend you take a look at what is on offer as I think it is an excellent tool for gaining readers and retaining them. I have […] Continue Reading…

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