Month: April 2007

Quote of the Day Scripts for Blogs

I enjoy reading good quotes. They can succinctly sum up life and human nature giving reflection for thought or a good laugh. Here are some options which allow you to include a daily quote on your blog. Brainy quote provides a cut and paste script for 5 different daily quote types: Brainy quotes also provides the code to include RSS feeds of each of these quote types. Todays-Woman famous woman’s quote of the day.A wordpress quote plug-in can be found here Adding Quotes As Customizable Content Quogr – is a free tool, for blogs using their own server, that allows you to display random quotes and images of your choice on your site. This tool creates a database of your favorite quotes and images and generates an html tag to embed on your website. They call this a quog! Try to find a quote of the day that suits the mood or topic of your blog. You may even decide a different type of quote more suitable – ie stock quotes. Yahoo provides a service that creates a customisable script for you to include on your site showing stock quotes charts and news. <a href=””>Yahoo! Finance</a><br/><a href=””>Quote for GOOG</a> Tags: Blog-Tools, Widgets, Blog-Addins...

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Put your Blog on the Map/Map on the Blog

Last updated January 31st, 2009 at 01:18 pmI am a devotee of online mapping sites such as Google Earth – the wanderer in me is not quite dead yet! When I came across the Frappr map which is now displaying in the footer of this page, I was keen to try it out.Please feel free to add yourself to this map by the clicking join button. If you are not a member of Frappr you will be prompted to sign up. If you have a blog you are welcome to type in its url in the detail section; which appears after you click the join button. Frappr – view it in action in the footer of this page. There are other mapping tools that can be used in blogs.(Thank goodness for auto form filling as I register with a with a huge amount of sites. ). Here are the links: MapLoco ClustrMaps Neo Earth All of these maps are simple to set up – just type in your blog details and the code will be created for you to insert into your template. Tags: Maps, Blog-Tools, Maps...

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Last updated May 17th, 2013 at 09:23 pmBlaugh calls itself the (Un)official comic of the blogosphere. As an individual’s humor varies I will leave it to you to check out and decide if you would like to include it in your blog. It is very simple to add by copying the coding given on the site although you will likely need to alter the size to suit its location on your blog. For a sidebar, for example, you may want it to be width=”210″ height=”116. Your blog editor will probably let you select the image, and hold the shift key (to keep the image in the correct proportions) while dragging the image to the size you choose. Tags:Fun-Stuff, Blog Tools...

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Last updated May 17th, 2013 at 09:17 pmBetiquette ( Blog Etiquette) Well, the word Netiquette is accepted (I know because my spell checker does not decorate it with a wavy red line) so why not Betiquette?? I can summarize my own “Betiquette” by saying “be a considerate and honest blogger”: • Respect your reader• Respect other bloggers• Don’t neglect the other sort of people (those who live in your house, those you work with, those that call you a relation, friend etc) Particular areas: I am sure others could add many more points to this list so please feel free add a comment to this post or email me; letting me know if you think I have missed anything out. I am writing this on the fly so it is likely that I have. Many of these points are not only relevant to behaviour but will also pay dividends in attracting and maintaining readers. Your readers: Respond to what you readers seem to find the most interesting by creating more posts of a similar nature or topic. This does not mean you have to neglect other areas especially if you are trying to widen or increase your blog audience but you need to be mindful of what is of interest. Try to develop respect even if you are posting topics or opinions your readers may disagree with. Try to...

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Online Presentation Tools Useful for Bloggers

I talked about Spresent in my last post. Although I think this application seems to be the most useful, easily used and versatile presentation creation tool, there are others which may suit the differing needs of bloggers. Here are some examples: Zoho ShowImport your existing presentations (.ppt, .pps, .odp, .sxi), and embed them in your blog or web site. Empressor Embed video, audio, pictures and Flash Create dynamic charts and graphs Link your favorite photos and video ThinkFree Online creation of documents, spreadsheets and presentations which can then be incorporated into WordPress. More blogging systems to come. If you do not use WordPress you can still create the documents and simply include a link in your blog. Easily incorporate MS Office created documents, spreadsheets and presentations into your blog. Upload your Office documents and Thumbstacks creates the code needed to incorporate them into your blog. Use documents from the Thumbstacks Document Exhange or share your own. Free 1gb storage See some examples here Tools to create online presentations that you can link to from your blog. Thumbstacks Make presentations in your web browser. Share your presentations by including a link in your blog. Want to see an example? Ajax13 a suite of online tools allowing you to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and sketches that you can link to from your blog. Works with Firefox. Ajax Presents – a web-based...

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Spresent – an ‘Sgift’ to bloggers

Spresent Apologies for the very poor pun in the title. I have a long list of things to post about but I was so impressed by this online application that I could not wait to share it with you. Spresent allows you to create flash based web based presentations and slide-shows which can be then be published to a website or blog. It could be considered a web based Powerpoint – a currently missing feature from Google Docs. You can create presentations quickly and easily. Features: Create presentations and slide shows. Embed your presentation into a blog or existing web page or create a new html page. Use one of the pre-designed templates offered or create your own layout. Incorporate images, backgrounds, animated images and backgrounds, clip art and shapes from Spresent’s extensive library Embed Flickr photos and YouTube videos. Build tables and animated tables Produce charts and animated charts. Create your own masterpieces and draw freehand or trace round images Create e-cards Convert presentation to pdf format. Video demonstrations of Spresent’s features can be found here at YouTube I can see me spending hours trying out Spresent and I will include some examples and instructions, if necessary, once I have had time to be creative with it. Filed in: Blog-Tools, Web-Presentations...

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