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Australian Blogs – Hosting and Search Review ? Dipping into the Blogpond

Australian Blogs – Hosting and Search Review ? Dipping into the Blogpond A good review of Australian Blog Hosts and Australian blog search engines/directories. Wish I had thought of it myself! Filed in: blogging, australia, “australian blogging” Continue Reading…

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Sueblimely Practising – The New Blogger

As I was not ready to change my template over to the xml of the New Blogger, I thought I may as well practice with it and share my discoveries, (being as altruistic as always of course). I have started by adding the standard elements to the sidebar plus a widget or two. My intentions are to explain what I am doing as I go along. The template is very basic for now but I will be gradually styling it. Take a look from time to time at Sueblimely Practicing – The New Blogger to see if I have got […] Continue Reading…

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Sueblimely Practising – Adding hidden email address to New Blogger

Sueblimely Practising the New Blogger: Add ‘hidden’ email address to the New Blogger using ‘Add new element’ and Javascript Here are the instructions for creating the ‘Email Me’ link at the top of the right sidebar of the Sueblimely Practising the New Blogger page. The email address is hidden from unwanted ‘visitors’ to your site (e.g. spambots) by javascript …. Filed in: sueblimely, blogger, new-blogger Continue Reading…

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JAlbum – J Album is a free, simple to use web album creation program with many different ‘skins’ and variations to choose from. If you have some skills in web coding you can alter the skins to suit or create your own. As well as the skins available on the JAlbum site more user created themes can be downloaded from the JAlbum skin Repository Filed in: album webdesign Continue Reading…

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In general I read blogs related to blogging itself or to web design but since joining MyBlogSpot I have become interested in finding out about other bloggers, their motivation, what creates a successful blog, their writing styles etc.. I have just been perusing a new site BloggerTalks which is based on interviewing successful bloggers and those involved with the blogosphere. You are also invited to suggest people who interest you for interview. Some recent interviewees: Neil Patel from ProNet Advertising Minic Rivera the founder and editor at The Blogging Times Chris Pearson – Pearsonified, creator of the Cutline wordpress theme […] Continue Reading…

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I was completely distracted from my tasks at hand today: they got tucked up my sleeve for tommorrow unfortunately. I did another circumnavigation of the blogosphere instead, stopping off at quite a few places of interest. My first port of call was to MyBlogLog. Apart from offering some interesting reading, I cannot resist having a look at who has visited my profile and enjoy a measure of pleasure if I have been added as a contact. Visiting the blogs of others who share my interests often reveals blogging tools and resources that I have not yet come across, today being […] Continue Reading…

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Widgetbox › Widgetbox Blog

Widgetbox › Blidget The Blidget is a Widget that will display the latest posts from your site and allow others to add your widget to their own site, thus displaying your latest posts on their site. See an example of this in the right hand column. Add my widget to your site, if you wish, or get your own Blidget. Filed in: widgets, blog-tools, rss Continue Reading…

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Directory Submission Blog

Directory Submission Blog – Update -This site is no longer operating. Thanks to Kevin of Web Hosting Ireland for letting me know Continue Reading…

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