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My BlogLog joins Yahoo

The Jig is Up — MyBlogLog joins Yahoo! Congratulations to the team who created MyBlogLog, which started up a mere 3 months ago. I have been a regular visitor to the site; the first community portal that has interested me (I tend to take a look at anything new so have perused quite a few of them!). MyBlogLog is an impressive social network tool where bloggers and their readers join in communities of people with interest in the same blogs. You are then able to find more blogs which cover your interest areas (and there is top quality writing to […] Continue Reading…

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Run Blogger using your own domain name

You are now able to run Blogger under your own domain name without having to pay for hosting. Blogger will still host the site for you. The full explanation is on the Blogger help site here: How do I use a custom domain name on my blog?: Filed in: blogger, blogging sueblimely sueblimely Continue Reading…

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Netscape Scroller

Netscape Scroller: Add a scrolling Netscape news widget to your website or blog sidebar. Simply copy the code shown on this page Filed in: widgets, blog-tools, blogging sueblimely sueblimely Continue Reading…

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Blog this! bookmarklets

CategoryTagBlogThis and DeliciousTagBlogThis for and XBlogThis! for Technorati are extensions of Blogger’s ‘Blog This! ‘bookmarklet’, which pop up before the blogger post window appears. They allow you to create comma delineated tags. These tags are then integrated into your post saving you the effort of putting the code in manually. A great time saver. You edit the CategoryTagThis! bookmarklet to point to your own account. The DeliciousTagBlogThis! bookmarklet points to all posts with your chosen tags. The bookmarklets and a good explanation of how they work can be found at Fresh Blog. XBlogThis! creates Technorati tags and allows […] Continue Reading…

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Technorati tags for Blogger

If you are unsure about the correct way of adding tags to your page so that they are indexed by Technorati, the following article gives a thorough and clear explanation. Technorati tags: an introduction – A Consuming Experience Filed in: technorati, tagging, bookmarking sueblimely sueblimely Continue Reading…

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The social bookmark manager,, has a new tool that you can use on your blog. This shows the number of people who have bookmarked your page on together with the tags it is bookmarked under. You can view this and some of the other tools available on the left sidebar of this site. Tagometer Badge Filed in: tagging, delicious, bookmarking, bloggingsueblimely sueblimely Continue Reading…

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Creating a widely read blog

Having happened across the ‘Total BS (Blog Statistics) article on Guy Kawasaki’s blog ‘How to Change the World – A practical blog for impractical people‘, I was interested in finding out how he had achieved such figures: Guy Kawasaki’s Site statistics, on day 30 of his blog: 268,060 unique visitors. This reflects 211,947 first-time visitors and 56,113 repeat visitors. According to Technorati, 1,479 sites now maintain 2,843 links to the blog. About two weeks ago, my blog ranked #488 in Technorati; the current rank is #289. This entry sheds light on its success: The 120 Day Wonder: How to Evangelize […] Continue Reading…

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Tagging with BlogThis! – Freshblog

You can use these ‘Blog This’ bookmarklets to easily add tags to your blogger posts. Read the instructions and get Tagging with BlogThis! – Freshblog Filed in: tagging, bloggersueblimely sueblimely Continue Reading…

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Definitions of Web 2.0

Links to articles by web professionals on the definitions of Web 2.0. The term is interpreted in various different ways but overall the definition points to a more mature era of the web backed by advances in coding; catering for a demand for wider user contribution.Introduction to Web 2.0 on Squidoo On RSS Blogging Tagging Sueblimely Continue Reading…

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