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Blogger Help

A site with much to offer Blogger users Blogger Forum For example Blogger FAQ RSS and News Feeds Blogging, Blogger, RSS Continue Reading…

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This weeks Reading List

Is Gather Web 2? CSS Styling Generator from Rainbow Arch HTML for beginners Word Press CSS Styles – styles that can be adapted to any type of blog or html page. Alex King Codes for add to footer links 3spots Blog Lots of useful tips on blogging in general, not just WordPress Lorelle on WordPress What sort of a blogger are you – referential or experiential? The Kottke blog explores the concept. Graphic ‘cloud’ of Web 2 sites including some I have yet to investigate. Web 2logo Blogging, Tagging Continue Reading…

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Online Bookmarking

The Advantages of Online Bookmarking. I was pondering why I actually spend time tagging and submitting my favorites/bookmarks and blog postings to social bookmarking sites and jotted down the following: (My ‘pondering’ seems to occur much more frequently when I am trying to avoid doing something I don’t want to – in this case finishing off some bookkeeping work which I do to help pay the bills.) General Advantages Accessing your bookmarks from any computer. Creating a back up of your computer based favorites/bookmarks. If you don’t need the first and you have a satisfactory regular back up system, then […] Continue Reading…

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Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog. Continue Reading…

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This weeks reading list

Mashable*: “Mashable is a blog covering Web 2.0 startups, peer production, user-generated content, revenue sharing, social software and the web as a platform.” Read/WriteWeb: Web 2.0 Definition and Tagging ZoomClouds The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 ( Bookmarking Services : Web 2.0 Categorized Lists : eConsultant Beginners CSS Tutorial – Enlighten Designs TechCrunch – The State of Online Feed Readers Snazzy Boxes Newest Nifty Corners CSS Navigation Menu Showcase On RSS Blogging Tagging Sueblimely Continue Reading…

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All the digg-style applications: The list !!! from 3 spots• • •

The 3spots blog has this excellent comprehensive list of Digg style applications. The list covers these classifications: * ? Social Bookmark Managers(batch editing) * ? Social bookmarks * ? Semi-Public Social Bookmarks(shared access only to registered users) * ? Search-engines With Bookmarking. * ? Public bookmarks. * ? Listing, cataloging * ? Social communities. * ? Annotation services. * ? Ajax (or Flash) Startpages (or Homepages). * ? Specialized bookmarking. * Digg-style ( submit, comment and rate ) * Pligg Clones* – digg-style engine (Added thanks to Damian) * Non English digg-style. * Non English pliggs. * ? Non English […] Continue Reading…

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What is Fleck the soon to be new web2 tool. It is intriguing me:- Blog: Fleck Hand Signal On sueblimely web2 fleck I am none the wiser reading the Fleck home page page: – Web Democracy: “Welcome to Web Democracy Now! Fleck is: patent pending, world changing, paradigm shifting and user experience enhancing technology. Tagging, search, blog, AJAX and social networking, every WEB2.0 hype is covered.” I was hoping to glean something from the Fleck blog but they are giving nothing away. The blog makes an interesting read though. On sueblimely web2 fleckTechnorati sueblimely Continue Reading…

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Zimbio – The People’s Guide to the Web

I am trying out a new portal site called Zimbio and have checked out their ‘Future of Blogs Portal’ because of my particular interest in the subject. Zimbio is an interesting concept. You can start up your own topic (portal) or join in with an existing one, add links to your blog and share knowledge about any topic of interest. Whereas I have started to associate the name ‘portal’ with personal start page sites such as Protopage, Zimbia could be regarded as a ‘community’ portal. For the moment the site is in beta testing mode but if it takes off […] Continue Reading…

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Google Search Box

I have added a customisable Google Search box to this blog (right sidebar).For detailed instructions on how to create this free tool check out the Google Free Search instruction page. I was able to chose the background, font and link colors of the resulting search page to match that of this blog. When you are ready to create your own – sign in or sign up here. Search sueblimely GoogleTechnorati sueblimely Continue Reading…

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