Last updated July 28th, 2015 at 02:12 am

Empty and Crowded Facebook Audience

Are you getting the results you want from your Facebook Page? If not, then maybe you’re not reaching or keeping your ideal Facebook Audience.

I suspect many individuals and small businesses, who don’t have the resources to hire Social Media specialists, create a page and start posting with no detailed plan of the why or how. I was guilty of this.

Here are 10 tips to help you make your page successful, not in terms of page likes, or even engagement, but in reaching your business goals for it (brand awareness, increased sales or leads …).


  1. Identify what needs your product or service fulfills, and what problems you solve. Make this clear. Add the details to your about section, include keywords in your Page Image.
  2. Create an “ideal audience” profile. Monitor this and change it as further information is available to you. Consider including these elements:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests: Where do they hangout on Facebook. Which groups do they belong to. What pages do they like, what books do they read, what TV shows do they watch?
  • Income – Even if they need what you’re offering can they really afford it.
  • Employment.
  • Education Levels.
  • Mindset (examples: motivated, ready for change, enjoys shopping, looking for a home based business, wants to lose weight/have more energy, be happier…).
  • What do they read and share.

Searching for your Facebook Audience

  1. Join Facebook Groups where prospective customers hang out. Make your presence known by commenting.
  2. Use Facebook and hashtag searches to find people, pages and groups relevant to your interests or business.
  3. Find other people and businesses with the same interests. Watch what they are posting and what’s working well for them. (Which posts get the most comments, likes or shares). Add main competitors to your Page’s Watch List. You do this at the bottom of your Page Insights, General tab.
  4. Where appropriate, add potential leads as friends and continue your conversation from your profile.

Your Facebook Page Content

  1. Focus on what your ideal customer wants, not what you want to offer them. Work out what they need. Post content that reflects this and show your expertise. Share links to website and Facebook posts of value. Keep your content relevant.
  2. Produce content elsewhere so you can share your own articles, posts, videos, tutorials.
  3. Nurture relationships by offering help where you can. Always reply to messages and posts to your page. Answer questions and address any problems, or complaints, swiftly.

Monitor, Analyze, Adapt

  1. Regularly monitor and analyze your Page Insights to see what works best for you. Check that your audience is what you aimed for, or change your criteria.  Change your methods if what you’re doing isn’t working.   Post more content of the type that gets the most engagement.

I’m in the process of following my own tips on my Facebook Page  Please follow my progress at Sueblimely Sue Bride.

I’m sure that with your help we can increase the size of this list.  Please comment and let me know your recommendations or any problems you’ve faced with a Facebook Page.