10 Ways to Find and Keep Your Ideal Facebook Audience

Empty and Full Theater

Are you getting the results you want from your Facebook Page? If not, then maybe you’re not reaching or keeping your ideal Facebook Audience. I suspect many individuals and small businesses, who don’t have the resources to hire Social Media specialists, create a page and start posting with no detailed plan of the why or how. I was guilty of this. Here are 10 tips to help you make your page successful, not in terms of page likes, or even engagement, but in reaching your business goals for it (brand awareness, increased sales or leads …). Planning Identify what needs […] Continue Reading…

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How To Increase Awareness For A Cause

Raising Awareness for a Cause

Increasing Awareness For A Cause by Blogging, Social Media, Images and Video Are you passionate about a particular cause and desire to spread information and increase awareness online? There might be a charity you wish to help promote, a misunderstood or rare disability or health condition,  injustices, social issues, letting people know of support available …?  The list is wide. What can you do to get heard above all the noise of the internet? How can you broadcast your own message and encourage others to share it. For years now I’ve been broadcasting my own pet cause, Fragile X. In […] Continue Reading…

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Do It Later Note-Taking Systems

Funny Cat Sticky Note Message

Do you find yourself saying “I’ll do it later?” Sometimes it’s because of procrastination, but mostly we’re too busy with other matters to “do it now”.  Using your preferred choice of note-taking systems is vital to help you remember both important and less important tasks. If you’re working from home, for even part of the time, business, household, family and personal tasks can become blurred, and add to the list of tasks you delay. The busier you are the more tasks need putting off, and the more you put off the more you’ll forget. Some tasks aren’t vital and rightly […] Continue Reading…

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Free Trials for Online Marketers

Free Trial Tools and Resources for Marketers

Using free trial tools and resources is a great way to work out if something is essential for your online marketing. If your budget is limited you don’t want to spend large amounts on tools that have limited use for you. The more generally useful a tool, the more choice there is. Free trials help you work out which suits you best. Tips The information you need isn’t necessarily ongoing. Sometimes the trial period is enough. With some limited function free trials upgrading for a month upgrade gives you the information you need. If you have to provide payment details, […] Continue Reading…

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Free Tools to Check Competitors Websites

Toolbox Marketers

Do you ever want to check a successful competitor’s websites to see where you can do better yourself?   Do you come across websites you like and wonder which theme it uses or what code or plugins achieve certain features? Would you like to look behind the scene to use the same on your own site? Here are some web resources to help you do this easily (without any coding knowledge). Check Competitors Themes WP Theme Detector If you come across a WordPress theme you’d like to use yourself, type it’s url at WP Theme Director and you’ll find out […] Continue Reading…

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Essential Website Tools and Some That Aren’t

Tools - for website

How’s your website? I hope it’s speedy, secure and feeling loved by the search engines. Here are some essential website tools that are worth bookmarking. Website Tools – Speed Tests Fast loading sites are not only more attractive to visitors but also to search engines. It’s wise to check your speed, especially when you’ve made such changes as altering/adding widgets, installed new plugins, or changed your theme. The following free online tools will give you  a page speed score, find out what is loading and how long it takes. (images, html, css, javascripts). Each comes with recommendations and various help […] Continue Reading…

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Planning Ahead For Success

Planning Ahead for Success text and notebooks

It’s the time of year we look back and start planning for the year to come. It’s not only an opportunity to celebrate our successes but to use a positive attitude to look at our failures in a favorable light. We can work out where and why we went wrong, learn from our mistakes and set up systems for improvement. Without looking at the good and bad, in a critical way, we can’t create an action plan for the future. It’s tempting for us to forge ahead with successful projects, without change, but is this sensible? Maybe we could do […] Continue Reading…

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Free Christmas Facebook Images

Seasons Greetings Facebook Sized Image

Facebook images posts attract the most engagement so, in light of the festive season, I’ve prepared a feast of Facebook sized Christmas Greeting images for free download. Each image is 504px x 504px which fits the Facebook window nicely. They’re also a reasonable size for Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and Twitter. There are three sets, each with a different message: Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas. The images are either those I’ve created myself or adapted from free public domain images, so there’s no worries about copyright. Rather than only share images others have posted, it’s good to post […] Continue Reading…

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Your WordPress Theme Wardrobe

Copy Blogger Flat Design Rainmaker Platform

What is your WordPress theme wardrobe like this season? Does it hold fashionable attire or is it more traditional? Can you reach into it and change, to match your needs and the people you’re mixing with? This is the first in a series of posts introducing you to flexible and easy to customize WordPress themes to dress your blog. As bloggers we need to stand out from the crowd, whatever the occasion and for branding purposes first impressions count. WordPress Theme Fashion Whether you want your blog to wear an elegant little black dress (or business suit), be more casual, […] Continue Reading…

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