Facebook Grid For Text On Ad Images

Facebook Grid For Images Text

Facebook doesn’t allow images in ads to contain more than 20% text as worked out using the Facebook Grid System.  Breaking this rule, which applies to all ad types including boosted posts, is the most common reason for ad rejection. But, do you know what 20% actually means and that there are some exceptions? (The same rules applies to Instagram). I explain this here and give you 3 transparent grid overlay images, to help you when you add text to your own images. The idea behind the 20% rule is so that images are engaging and of high quality. This […] Continue Reading…

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16 Reasons Why Writing Quality Content Isn’t Enough


Quality content isn’t enough to bring you site visitors, engagement and search engine success. Here I explain why and how you can solve the problem. Have you written what you believe is an exceptional blog post but disappointed by your results? It happens all the time. We can’t expect that all our posts will be hits. but it’s disappointing if we’ve put in extra time and effort. Of course quality content is vital but there are other factors at play. It’s not enough just to write well. Who You Write Your Quality Content For Your high-caliber content needs targeting to […] Continue Reading…

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How to Improve Your WordPress Page Speed Score

Increase Wodpress Page Speed Scores

Tips To Increase Your WordPress Page Speed Without the time and effort I went through This WordPress site was slow to load for a while. Then it become downright lethargic. This  annoys Google. That’s only fair, because Google annoys me too at times, but I don’t want it’s Panda to bark at me. More importantly, I didn’t want to frustrate you while trying to read here. With spring in the air here in Australia, I had the urge to clean. I ignored the slightly opaque windows and avoided the disaster area, otherwise known as my son’s room. I spring cleaned […] Continue Reading…

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A Round-Up Post About Roundup Posts

Roundup Posts text - sheep dog, sheep

Because I enjoy reading good roundup posts, I investigated their definition and tips to increase their effectiveness.  To share my findings, I thought the best way was to write a round-up post about roundup posts. By referring to posts that explain roundups, and those that give tips for writing and promoting them, I’m also writing an example of one. What is a Roundup Post? I classify them into 3 types. Posts containing links to posts a blog author finds by researching and reading (like this one), or links contributed by other people. You can find examples on Blondish Net where […] Continue Reading…

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Tips for Using the Best Images for Blogs and Social Media

Web Image Collage

The best images are those that have the most visual appeal. Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but it’s not as simple as that. What appeals to you may not appeal to those you are posting for, or suit your brand or topic. Images With Text For images with text, such as titles, quotes or memes, there are certain fundamental rules. Even if you choose the best images for backgrounds, text must provide good contrast; the overall effect uncluttered and easy to read. Use the right colors and only a couple of fonts, of a size that suits. I give examples of […] Continue Reading…

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Edit Social Media Images

Edit Social Media Images to Add Interest

In my last post I gave away 31 days of background images. Now I want to show you how you can edit social media images to create many more. By changing colors, increasing image size to highlight areas, and adding shapes and text you can make a larger collection. I used Canva for the these images but there are other image editing apps, each giving you slightly different or more complex options. I’ve always used Photoshop to create and edit images but after creating these images, I’m a Canva convert to add excellent typography and quickly add shapes and frames. […] Continue Reading…

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31 Days of Free Square Images For Facebook & Instagram


Even if you find the right sized free square social media images to use on both Facebook and Instagram are you sure you can use them without breaking copyright? I’ve found it difficult to find downloadable square images so I’ve made some myself. Today I’m giving away 31 days worth of square images of different categories which are free of copyright. When you click on the download link, you’ll be taken to my new subdomain, Social Media Resources, which is my new home for downloads. I’ll be adding more free images and other resources soon. Be Square and Be There […] Continue Reading…

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Sociocaster Social Media Manager Review

Sociocaster Tools

Manage all your Social Media Postings with Sociocaster I’ve been using Sociocaster every day for a month now and it’s invaluable. I’m able create picture quotes and schedule posts to multiple Social Media accounts. The feature I find most invaluable and which sets it apart from other tools is finding viral content to share. Sociocaster is web-based software which includes everything you need to fully manage, organize and analyze, your social media posts for Facebook (pages, profile, groups), Twitter and Linked In. You can post and schedule, engage with your friends and followers, edit images and discover viral content. I’ve […] Continue Reading…

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10 Ways to Find and Keep Your Ideal Facebook Audience

Empty and Full Theater

Are you getting the results you want from your Facebook Page? If not, then maybe you’re not reaching or keeping your ideal Facebook Audience. I suspect many individuals and small businesses, who don’t have the resources to hire Social Media specialists, create a page and start posting with no detailed plan of the why or how. I was guilty of this. Here are 10 tips to help you make your page successful, not in terms of page likes, or even engagement, but in reaching your business goals for it (brand awareness, increased sales or leads …). Planning Identify what needs […] Continue Reading…

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