Optimize Images For Visitors

Social Networking - More Visitors - More Return Readers

As Google now takes more account of social reach, a very important aspect of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to optimize images for visitors. Eye catching, appealing images encourage readers to interact with your site, share on social networks, and to take action. Image Optimization for Social Sharing Images, rather than all text, shared via social media create more of an emotional response, more engagement and increased conversation. The quick rise in popularity of Pinterest and Instagram is testament to this as is the amount of comments images receive on Facebook. The more of your images your are shared on […] Continue Reading…

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Pulse Hover WordPress Plugin

Facebook Popularity of Post Types

In my last post I mentioned that I would tell you more about the Pulse Hover WordPress Plugin. Since then I got busy creating a couple of new sites and doing some SEO and promotion for them and I apologize that this post is overdue. Pulse Hover, which adds a variety of hover features to images, is a plugin I will use on all of my sites now. Popups are intrusive and, although they can be effective, they turn some visitors off. Pulse Hover gets around this  “in your face” effect by only appearing when an image is hovered over. […] Continue Reading…

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How To Encourage Pinterest Pinning

I love Pinterest

A Pinterest share button is now commonly included in social networking share button sets. Many bloggers realize the promotional advantages of having your blog images shared on Pinterest. Pinterest is also increasingly being used by businesses advertising their products and services. With 90million+ users on Pinterest, we need our visitors to pin our images. Although the majority of blog readers probably belong to Facebook, they will not necessarily share posts on there. Many of them will not use Twitter or G+ at all, but they may use Pinterest, which has a large and diverse user base. I know people who […] Continue Reading…

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Tips for Online Marketing

Build Your Network

Whether you are interested in selling your own products, MLM, affiliate programs or affiliate sales these tips and guidelines will help you get off to a good start. Take it slowly and don’t run before you can walk . It is tempting to jump into too many wonderful sounding, “bound to make you money” programs, which will not work for you at this stage. The more programs you join and promote the less likely you are to succeed at any of them, because of time constraints and lack of individual dedication. Create your own products for sale to maximize earnings […] Continue Reading…

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Multiple Uses for Subdomains

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In my earlier post I talked about the advantages of using subdomains. Today I will expand on this by giving more details of usage and the type of software you can install.  Software you can add to a subdomain Subdomains are ideal for adding additional or distinct features to your main site. Any software that you add to a main domain can be added to a subdomain without any conflicts. Good hosts will offer auto installs of a range of free software. My preferred host, Hostgator, offers two options: Quick Install and Fantastico Deluxe covering a wide range of good quality, […] Continue Reading…

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25 Advantages of Subdomains

Chart with main domain subdomain, subdirectory

Have you ever considered using subdomains? If not, this series of posts will present a whole range of advantages and valuable ways to use subdomains for personal. learning and business reasons. I started creating subdomains for personal use but have since taken advantage of them for many reasons and uses. What is a subdomain? A subdomain is simply a domain tagged on to an existing domain. Using Google as an example, google.com will take you to their main search page.  Gmail and gPlus use the subdomains mail.google.com and plus.google.com.  In these examples, mail and plus are the subdomain names and […] Continue Reading…

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How To Protect Your Blog From Copying

No right clicking on mouse

I have talked about how to check if your blog content is being copied, how to report breaches and how to avoid breaching copyright yourself. Today I will show you ways that you can protect your blog content from being copied. Ways To Protect Your Blog Post Content Disable Right Click and Keyboard Shortcuts There are WordPress Plugins that allow you to disable right clicking to prevent copying and pasting. I am not a fan of these as, while researching, I often copy linked titles or a sentence or two of text to remind me refer to the post again. […] Continue Reading…

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How To Avoid Breaching Copyright

Footprints in Sand

Online copyright breaches are numerous: never before have so many people had access to so much information, along with the means to republish it. Publishing unique content is not only better for your online reputation but it keeps you safe from inadvertent copyright breaches. When it comes to images the situation is more complicated. Creating your own takes skill and time and it is normal for us to use photos and images from online sources. We all want to leave footprints in the sand but we must do so without treading on anyone else’s toes. Image: Holly Hayes Flickr * […] Continue Reading…

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Help My Blog Content Is Being Copied

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All you wish you did not need to know about Copied Content Web plagiarism, or copied content, is more of a problem than ever before and blogs are a huge target.  In addition to unethical tools and methods that are created purely for the purpose of copying some of the resources we use for legitimate reasons can also be used to scrape content. Although search engines are quite good at working out what is copied and penalizes sites accordingly, there is always a chance that your site will be flagged as the copier rather than the originator. Cheap domain names […] Continue Reading…

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