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free social follow buttons for blogs

When I come across a blog with content that interests me I’m always keen to follow the writers on their social media networks. That’s not possible if there are no follow buttons. Here are some WordPress Follow Plugins but if you don’t want to add any more resource hungry plugins I’ve included a free download of Follow Button Images and full instructions to add them to your site. A blogger may have plenty of contacts, followers or likes on their social media profiles and pages but who better to attract than those interested in what you write on your blog. […] Continue Reading…

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Facebook Image Sizes Timeline Newsfeed

Facebook Image Sizes -Landscape 470px x 394px

Yes, this is another post about Facebook Image Sizes. You’ve probably read some before so why read this too?  Firstly, this post only talks about images you post to your Timeline and those included when you post a link. The main reason is that most posts I’ve read aren’t very clear and the infographics you see are even more confusing. I hope to make your life easier by giving you examples. To have the most impact, your Timeline and Newsfeed images need to fill up the area available without being cropped. Unless you want to encourage your viewers to click […] Continue Reading…

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Brand Your Head – It’s Quite Painless

website header head with brand

By “Brand Your Head” I’m talking about your website or blog header, although walking around with your blog url on your forehead is an interesting promotional idea. I’ve explored a lot of the new responsive WordPress themes which only have a thin website header with a logo, or site title, and navigation menu all on one row. They’re great if you have an easily recognizable, unique logo or blog title, which everyone identifies with you or your unique product(s). (or if you’re promoting something that you don’t want to be recognized for!). Very few bloggers and/or marketers have an unmistakable […] Continue Reading…

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What are Hashtag Chats – How to Join or Run One

Twitter hashtag chats

If you read my earlier posts on hashtags you’ll see mention of Hashtag Chats. What are hashtag chats, how do start or join one, and what are their advantages? What are Hashtag Chats? Because hashtags are a way of categorizing and drawing attention to a Tweet (or Google Plus message) you can create conversations around them. I explained in. A Hashtag Chat is just a conversation that takes place during a set time period, between people who post messages using the same unique hashtag. In my post Why Do I Need To Use Hashtags I explained hashtag feeds. Do a […] Continue Reading…

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Buy Team Site Traffic with Discount, Cashback and Bonuses

team site traffic training program and software

Buy Team Site Traffic from our Team and get cashback, bonuses (on top of the opening special discount prices)  and free advertising for your own team site: Team Site Traffic is on sale NOW at discount prices. Created by a trusted online friend and mentor, Gavin Mountford, Team Site Traffic is aimed at increasing your income. I think that is something all of us aspire too. Team Site Traffic Support I’ve already changed two of my sites to include Team Site Traffic – the plugin and methods. If you want to join my Team Site Traffic Support Team buy Team […] Continue Reading…

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Hashtag tips for Facebook, Gplus, Twitter


Most of the hashtag tips below are relevant for Facebook, Gplus, as well as Twitter although there are some specific methods for each social network. Hashtags Tips for Gaining Targeted Followers? The main aim is to develop a list of targeted followers; those who are interested in your particular type of content and recommendations. You might provide excellent value to readers but you need those readers to find you. Keep your hashtags obvious and always use those that relate to the topic you are posting about. Keep them simple. Shorter hashtags are easier for your followers to remember and are […] Continue Reading…

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Why Do I Need To Use Hashtags?

Quote helping yourself and others.

If you promote yourself, your content, products or services online you need to use hashtags particularly in Twitter, Gplus, and Instagram but also in Facebook and Pinterest. They are an excellent method for increasing your social media presence and influence, and reaching out to others to help and mentor. You might not like hashtags, thinking them unnatural, complicated, or too obviously promotional. On top of content writing, social media participation, and sharing, you may view them as an unnecessary task to add your workload. Thankfully, once you get the hang of them, adding a couple of hashtags here and there […] Continue Reading…

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An Introduction to Hashtags

Social Media sites that use Hashtags

This introduction to Hashtags is the first in a series of posts about Hashtags in social media, their usage and value. Even if you already use Hashtags, I hope this series will extend your knowledge and help you to use them more effectively, to grow your network, and for branding,  promotion, and research purposes. What Is A Hashtag? A hashtag is a method of labeling/tagging posts on leading social media sites by preceding a word with the hash (pound) symbol, #. Adding  # before a topic creates a  link that is globally searchable, within the social media network it is […] Continue Reading…

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Best Free Social Media Sharing Tools

A selection of the IFTTT Channels

Although a more personal touch with social networking followers is the most effective, we all need some social media sharing tools to manage and speed up the process of sharing. This leaves us time for the important work of connecting more directly with people; with non link posts and uploaded images and by commenting and replying, sharing and liking. Sharing a blog post using an automated tool produces the same effect as adding it manually, especially if you add your own description. Jetpack for WordPress comes with Publicize, to automatically shares your posts on one profile or page on Facebook,  […] Continue Reading…

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