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10 Top Reasons To Write List Posts – List Post 1

Top 10 Reasons to Use List Posts

A List Post About List Posts No 1 Do you think list posts are a good idea, or do you steer away from them? I believe they have their place and, if done well, can form a valuable part of your blogging repertoire. I present my case in the form of a list post because that seemed appropriate. I originally wrote a long post with 25 points but decided to split the post up into a series of three. Read on to find out why. Advantages of List Posts We are very familiar with, and therefore identify with, lists. We […] Continue Reading…

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Social Media Magazine and Other New Resources

Social Media News Magazine

You may have noticed the links to my new Social Media Magazine and Resources Site at the top of this page. I do hope you find them useful.  This year I’ve decided that rather than just planning I’m going to “just do it”.  This way I can work out what’s the most valuable for you, rather than just wondering and putting it off. Daily Social Media Magazine This is a daily magazine compiled using Paper.li. I’ve gone pro so I have more options and can publish it here on my site (a subdomain) where it’s easier for you to find. […] Continue Reading…

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Free Floral Images for Picture Quotes

Free Floral Square Image for Social Media

Do you want to make your own picture quotes for social media, instead of sharing those made by others? Add your own unique message, saying, or a favorite quote, and stand out from the crowd. It’s a great way of encouraging others to like, comment and share your posts. A post with images stands out much more than plain text and get noticed. You can share them on your profile, on pages or in groups. My newest collection of free backgrounds feature floral borders, and flower pictures, created in Photoshop. The images are square and of an ideal size for […] Continue Reading…

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New Year Motivation from Facebook Embeds

New Year Motivation and Facebook Embeds

Facebook can be a great motivational tool, if we take time to read the positive and take it to heart. You can also use Facebook embeds to include Facebook posts, images and videos in websites and blogs. This is the time of year for reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the future. I had plans to create some motivational messages until I read those posted on Facebook today. Instead I’m embedding some that inspired me the most. After that I’ll explain ways you too can bring Facebook posts into a blog post using the Facebook embeds feature. […] Continue Reading…

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An Affordable Solution To Your Dream?

An Affordable Solution Monna Ellithorpe

Today, it’s my pleasure to feature a post written by Monna Ellithorpe who talks about an affordable solution to following a dream of writing and publishing. Whether it’s a novel or business e-book Monna, with her knowledge and experience, can help you. Monna is a well known blogger, published author and co-founder of PAC. PAC is the most supportive, friendly and useful blogging community I’ve been a part of in the 10+ years I’ve been blogging. An Affordable Solution To Your Dream? by Monna Ellithorpe First off, I would like to thank Sue Bride for allowing me to guest post […] Continue Reading…

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Free Social Media Christmas Greetings Images

Free Christmas Images Thumb

One of the ways to say thanks to your social media followers is to send them Christmas Greetings. You can publish these to your timeline, pages, or to your groups. For those special people send them in a private message or post them to their timeline. Last year I published sets of Christmas Greetings images with text already added: Free Christmas Facebook Images. This year I’ve made 30 square Christmas images suitable for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. (plus other social media sites that fully display square images,  which discounts Twitter) So that you can create your own unique greetings, I […] Continue Reading…

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30 Signs You Use Too Much Social Media For Marketing

Social Media Image - no family

To celebrate the start of the “Silly Season” here are my thoughts on signs you’re using too much Social Media for marketing. We use the term “Silly Season” here in Australia when talking about the period leading up to Christmas and the New Year. It used to mean a slow news period but now we use it to talk about mad rush, long queues shopping. I prefer it meaning the silliness of donning festive hats, flashing earrings and brooches, and trimming rooms, trees, and gardens, with glittery and flashing stuff.  But that’s just me. Although this is a tongue in […] Continue Reading…

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Facebook Grid For Text On Ad Images

Facebook Grid For Images Text

Facebook doesn’t allow images in ads to contain more than 20% text as worked out using the Facebook Grid System.  Breaking this rule, which applies to all ad types including boosted posts, is the most common reason for ad rejection. But, do you know what 20% actually means and that there are some exceptions? (The same rules applies to Instagram). I explain this here and give you 3 transparent grid overlay images, to help you when you add text to your own images. The idea behind the 20% rule is so that images are engaging and of high quality. This […] Continue Reading…

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16 Reasons Why Writing Quality Content Isn’t Enough


Quality content isn’t enough to bring you site visitors, engagement and search engine success. Here I explain why and how you can solve the problem. Have you written what you believe is an exceptional blog post but disappointed by your results? It happens all the time. We can’t expect that all our posts will be hits. but it’s disappointing if we’ve put in extra time and effort. Of course quality content is vital but there are other factors at play. It’s not enough just to write well. Who You Write Your Quality Content For Your high-caliber content needs targeting to […] Continue Reading…

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